What If You Choose To Tell No Story?

Getting our story right so we can tell it someplace, like on our website, isn’t easy.

After all, it takes time and effort that many small businesses don’t have when they’re busy trying to get the actual work done and pay the bills.

Not to mention, if we can’t do it ourselves, then we may need to pay somebody else to do it for us. And perhaps that’s an expense we can’t absorb right now.

So the temptation may be to simply not bother. To tell no story on our website at all. To stick with a quick blurb about what we do and call it a day.

We might say to ourselves, “I can always tell our story to clients as they need to hear it. In person or on the phone. It’s not all that important.”

To be clear, this isn’t the part where I try to convince you that your business HAS to tell a story about itself. That your business will fail without one. Because it doesn’t and it probably won’t.

In short, telling no story is always a viable optional.

What I am here to say, though, is that there is no such thing as telling no story.

As individuals, we constantly tell a story about ourselves. We do it with the food we eat and the music we listen to and the neighborhood we live in. We do it with the kind of clothes we wear and the kind of car we drive … or the fact that we choose not to own a car at all but ride a bicycle or take the bus to work instead.

All of these choices tell a story about us without one word ever being spoken or written.

The same goes for your business. Your logo tells a story. The design of your website tells a story. The partners in your supply chain, the social media platforms you choose to post to, and the size of your staff (or lack of one) all tell a story.

Even the lack of a story on your website tells a story.

So the question you need to ask yourself is, “What is the story I am telling potential customers about my business? And am I telling it intentionally … or accidentally?”

Because you’re telling a story whether you choose to or not.

Wouldn’t you rather tell one on purpose?