Essential Stories for Startups

I’ve had a Fast Company article sitting on my bookmarks list since last April.

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

It’s an insightful piece about the importance of storytelling for startups and the three core stories those startups need to tell. What the author, Darren Menabney, has to say applies equally well to any small business or solopreneur and is definitely worth a read.

This passage pretty much nails it …

Storytelling is a powerful tool. It builds memory, empathy, and trust between the storyteller and the listener. It’s something that persuades far more effectively than any other form of communication, because we humans are storytelling creatures by nature. The biggest and most successful brands know this. Every businessperson needs this skill. But specifically for startup founders, stories can be used to convince those who can help grow and scale your venture to jump on board.”

The real meat of the article, of course, are the three essential stories that Menabney identifies that he feels every startup needs to tell. I won’t spoil you on those, but encourage you to click through and read the full article to see what they are. Okay, fine, I’ll spoil you about the first one of the three: The Origin Story. Swap the word “customers” in for “VCs,” “funders and talent,” and “investors” below, and I think this is great advice for any small business …

Personal stories are the most powerful and the most compelling. When we tell stories we’ve lived through, we show more emotion and more authenticity, and we are more persuasive. Show VCs that you can be mentored, show that you are someone who funders and talent would want to work with. Even if investors are skeptical about your product or service, they may buy into you.”

Once you’ve finished reading the full article, be sure to stop back here and let us know what you think.